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Goal: 1055
Current Total: 256

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Goal: 6645
Current Total: 5484

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What are the types of membership?

Membership is divided into two categories, active membership and general membership:

  • Active Membership: You must complete fifteen hours of service. These hours can come from a variety of sources; blood drives, club fundraisers, attending meetings, donating blood, etc. You must also be a full time undergraduate student.
  • Associate Membership: Granted to anyone who wants to be a part of the club, but did not complete the required fifteen service hours.

What are the benefits of becoming an active member?

By becoming an active member you receive many perks. These include priority registration and discounts for CPR and First Aid classes, the ability to vote and run in officer elections (as well as apply for a chair position), participation in special club activities, a recognition certificate, a discount for Kaplan courses and a discounted price Paint the Town Red fundraiser ticket.

If you have any questions concerning membership, please contact our secretary Brittany Gunter.

Big/Little Program

This year we will be starting a big/little program. This program encourages members to get to know each other better and become more involved with the SRCC. Bigs will consist of officers and chairs. Each member will be given a big.

House Cup

This semester, we’re starting a friendly competition within the club that splits the club into four houses based upon their big/little pairings. Each house will be comprised of multiple big/little groups. Houses will earn points for attending meetings, socials, and volunteer opportunities. It is up to each individual house to come up with a house name. The house with the most points at the end of each semester will be acknowledged and rewarded prizes


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